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“I have referred Lizzie to many other parents that are struggling to find answers for their children.

When my then 12 year old son got diagnosed a year ago with PANDAS, I was completely overwhelmed. There was so much information to sort thru, so many diagnostic tests to be done. None of which my son enjoyed, as most involved needles. Options for treatment were the western medicine approach, bio medicine with supplements, dietary changes, homeopathy. It seemed like every child was different in the way they responded to each of the treatment options. I did not have time to experiment with my child. I needed to resolve his raging, OCD, anxiety, intrusive thoughts so that he could get back to living like a normal 12 year old and our family could get back to being a cohesive loving family, that wasn’t shattered by PANDAS.

Being a PhD researcher I knew how to research. I researched options and chose to go more natural for our son. I found Lizzie during my sleepless nights of pouring over articles and read more about homeopathy. I contacted Lizzie and my son felt so comfortable with her right away. She took a great deal of time, understanding his exact case, spoke with me at length and then my son. She set realistic expectations with us and told us in the beginning, treatment may require occasional tweaks. We were in contact a fair amount the first three months and after even two we started to notice positive changes with our son. We are now one year post his initial diagnosis and he is 95% back to baseline. We attribute much of this success to Lizzie. She is compassionate and truly cares about her clients. She is extremely intuitive and we truthfully did not have many changes in his remedies. Lizzie always seems to get it right very quickly, so there is less experimentation. I have referred Lizzie to many other parents that are struggling to find answers for their children. My other child and myself are also now her patients. She is nothing short of amazing and I feel blessed to have her in our cadre of natural health practitioners.”


I began going to Lizzie to work on Dr. Bresnan’s End of Alzheimer’s protocol. My mother has Alzheimer’s and I wanted to get ahead any cognitive decline. My general symptoms were mild. Lizzie helped me discover that I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. This was causing some brain fog, weight gain and fatigue that I was associating with normal aging. Through and anti inflammatory diet, supplements and homeopathy my disease is under control in just 6 months. BONUS my rosacea and cold sore outbreaks are greatly diminished! Lizzie has helped me to not just survive but THRIVE!!! She has helped me connect and heal my mind, body and spirit. I am truly grateful for her service.
— 2018

“Lizzie has helped my teen son immensely on his journey to health.

 My son was a very complicated case of Congenital Neuro Lyme, Bartonella & Babesia that went undiagnosed for years, thus his immune system dysregulated and many serious autoimmune conditions ensued (PANDAS & CRPS).  My son had symptoms 3 pages long typed!  I took him to some of the top Lyme specialists (traditional, holistic, alternative) in the US, but found that any minor or moderate improvement wouldn’t last.  Then I found Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) which is a specialized form of homeopathy, and that’s what gave my son dramatic gains in his health and autoimmune issues. LDI literally brought my son back to me.  He is now pain free, going to school, no anxiety, no abdominal pain and much more!

After LDI, there were still some rough edges that were still lingering and needed to be addressed – damage and deregulation that surely was product of the 10 years of chronic infections, 2 concussions and vaccine injury had set in motion.  He still needed a bit more help with memory, ADHD, social skills and overall attitude and physical heartiness.  Seeing the impact LDI had on his recovery, I decided to learn more about homeopathy and find a local homeopath; and that’s when I found Lizzie!  And boy, I am so glad I did. 

I feel important qualities/attributes of a “great” homeopath is to be a keen observer and especially highly analytical, to be proficient in matching remedies for the individual. I also feel someone who stays up-to-date/a constant learner is key.  Lizzie possesses all of these.  And to boot, she is compassionate and lovely to work with.  Her recommendations have hit it out of the park almost every time.  My son used to get simple colds where he would crash for weeks and weeks.  Not anymore with her choice of acute remedies, in which now some will work within the same day!  He used to get secondary infections (sinus or ear) every time.  Not anymore due to homeopathy.  He had two concussions when he was an adolescent and when she gave the TBI remedy protocol for that, I saw huge gains in his cognitive and memory.  This is years later from the falls he had.  When he had a serious break of his tibia this past year she prescribed bone knitting and other remedies that made his recovery so excellent that even the orthopedist was highly impressed (almost shocked) - for when he looked at my son’s x-rays he pointed out some crazy new bone growth. 

Bottom line, I have witnessed my son get stronger and stronger with her suggestions – mentally and physically.  And it is so nice to not have to go to the PCP all the time anymore to only leave with prescriptions that “suppress” symptoms and may produce side-effects.  Also, it’s been especially great to not be on that mega supplement train as much anymore, where I have spent a fortune on herbals and vitamins that many times only helped a little bit or my son ended up having side-effects to.  

Homeopathy has been so freeing for us after all those dark years. I was skeptical at first and had low expectations. But WOW, I am so convinced of it’s effacy and of Lizzie’s talent that I decided to start working with her for my own health as well…which is another serious mess of complications. She is helping me with her excellent matching-of-remedies style to address many of my long-standing symptoms.  So far with my Constitutional Remedy, I am sleeping dramatically better, my moods are more joy-filled, I am more relaxed with less stress (even during menopause and the adrenal fatigue), I have more energy when I should and I feel my body inflammation is ticking down. No one’s been able to help me with these things before. “


Lizzie Martinez has provided excellent care for my thyroid condition and I am currently not experiencing any symptoms. Previously, I had extreme fatigue and accompanying depression, weight gain, and overall poor tolerance of stress and even my menstrual cycle and other usual body processes. After following her diet and medicinal supplement schedule, I am feeling the best I have in years. I am able to work full time again and have even started a challenging physical program of crossfit exercise. Her expertise and guidance improved my health to an amazing new level that has continued to be maintained without Western medicine pharmaceuticals or regimens. She is highly skilled and I have recommended her to numerous friends and coworkers. She is a powerful healer.
— 2018

We are so grateful to have found Lizzie!

“Our 12 year old son was vaccine injured at birth, which resulted in numerous neurological and autoimmune issues, including PANS. Homeopathy has helped alleviate so many of his symptoms including, severe mood swings and aggression, multiple food sensitivities, bed wetting, depression, extreme chemical and EMF sensitivity, and more. We feel like we have our son back! And Lizzie is such a pleasure to work with - Our son loves to sit and talk with her! Homeopathy has given us our lives back!! “


I have seen Lizzie for about 10 months. During my time in working with her, the results have been incredible. When I started to see her, I had recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. My initial symptoms were many digestive issues, in addition to anxiety and depression. She helped me through homeopathic remedies, nutritional help and supplements. This was my first time working with a homepath and I was amazed at how she was able to pin point the areas to focus on. As I continue on my healing journey, I am so thankful to have found Lizzie help me through it. She is an excellent listener and will help you get to the core of your issues. 
— 2018

I cannot overstate how supportive and present Lizzie has been for us.

"One year ago, our decidedly laid-back and happy 7 year old daughter became another child entirely within a matter of days.  She was plagued with near-constant, disturbing intrusive thoughts that interfered with her ability even to eat or sleep.  She was panicky, cried constantly and had severe separation anxiety.  The change was so sudden and severe that we took her to the children's hospital ER, where she passed all tests with flying colors and we were referred to a psychiatrist.  We saw that psychiatrist, and we saw various medical doctors.  But a friend mentioned I should look up PANS/PANDAS.  I knew within minutes this was what we were dealing with.  And I had just started working with Lizzie as a patient myself.  Mother's intuition pushed me to reach out to her immediately.  She got us in and assessed right away.  We threw all sorts of things at getting our precious girl back as quickly as possible, traditional western as well as holistic and homeopathic.  But it was very clear early on that Lizzie's treatments were what were making a difference and so those are the ones we stuck with.  Within days, our girl was about 50% back to herself and back at school.  Within weeks, 80%.  Within a couple months, 95%.  One year out, we fully have her back. Stronger, in fact.  Healthier than she was before.  I cannot overstate how supportive and present Lizzie has been for us.  She always makes sure we have a clear plan at the end of any conversation.  Nothing can speak better for Lizzie and her treatment than having our precious girl back!

- 2018

Lizzie has managed to get me off of antibiotics and thyroid meds. She has managed to cut my husband’s arthritis pain in half. She knows what she is doing!
— 2017

I can't imagine where we'd be without her.

"In a nutshell, we are beyond thankful to have found Lizzie!!! When my daughter was 6 months old, she started showing signs of a compromised immune system. She caught everything viral under the sun, spiked super high fevers, and it took her weeks longer than normal to recover. She was spiking fevers every 10-14 days and although we had tried some natural approaches to healing, nothing seemed to be helping her. By 2.5 years old, she was diagnosed with neutropenia (low white cell count) and was hospitalized for dehydration during a bout with a tummy bug.

Thankfully, it was then, that we met with Lizzie, who changed my daughter’s path to health! Although it took time, Lizzie managed to completely cure her by age 4!!!

I love telling people that my daughter has had strep and was treated WITHOUT antibiotics. Even my pediatrician asked for Lizzie’s website info – ha!! My daughter is now 5.5 years old and spends more months healthy than she does sick, which has been life-changing for both our daughter and our family!

Since that time, Lizzie has treated my son as well, helping his umbilical hernia disappear (his pedi told me it would need surgery) and has treated him for numerous ear infections without needing antibiotics.

Additionally, she has cured my oldest nephew of a severe peanut/tree nut allergy (which numerous pediatric allergists said he would never outgrow) and has helped my mom get off of thyroid medication! I could go on and on and on… I’ve since referred a few friends and their children and have cheered alongside them as she is helping their families get healthy from the inside out!

Lizzie is a gem and I can’t imagine where we would be without her!"

- 2017

She has changed my life! Literally.
— 2016


"Lizzie Martinez managed my daughter's case of Typhus effeciently and effectively saving her from a hospital stay and ongoing illness. She immediately knew the appriopriate remedy and my daughter was 80% better by the end of the day and there were no signs of illness (except fatigue from being so sick) by the next day. Thank you Lizzie!"

- 2017

When I first came to Lizzie for hemorrhoids it soon became clear that what I really needed was support for was cyclical, debilitating treatment-resistant depression. I had tried 1/3 of all prescription psych meds and had followed the treatment plan of modern psychiatry faithfully for 10 years. I have now received 4 years of gentle, consistent, informed, personalized homeopathy from Lizzie and I have been depression free for a full calendar year. My brain is healing over time and homeopathy was the critical missing piece to my recovery. I am able to enjoy a range of emotions & experiences, handling life’s highs and lows, and gradually learning to have fun & increase joy, without prescription intervention. Thank God for Lizzie!
— 2016


"Seven years ago when my son was born, I became a member of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT). It was through their Yahoo group that I met Lizzie Martinez. She was one of the first moms I connected with and she always had words of encouragement and friendly advise.

When my son was 4, within a span of two weeks, he was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I reached out to the DSACT group to ask for advice and Lizzie responded to my post with a simple, “I can help you. Call me”. That was the beginning of my homeopathic road with Lizzie.

When I met with her I was very distraught. Each specialist wanted to prescribe a different drug and it seemed that no one was addressing what I believed to be the base issue - that my son had a serious auto-immune issue. I was ignorant to the ways of homeopathy and Lizzie was kind and patient. She agreed that we needed to address the whole child and took the time to explain how homeopathy worked and how it would help my son. That day she prescribed his first remedy.

It has been three years and my son’s inflammation has been steadily been declining. As of a few weeks ago his inflammation markers were almost out of the Hashimoto’s range! Then this past week we visited his doctor’s at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital to check on his arthritis. The doctor’s continued to be concerned over inflammation in his wrists and once again recommended injections with a drug that is very toxic though shown to have great results. I had been declining the injections while working with Lizzie because we were getting results with the homeopathy but it seemed the homeopathy wasn’t working fast enough. I was so bummed. We finished our day at the hospital with labs and a sonogram and waited for the results.

24 hours later the nurse called and said that his current sonogram showed notable improvement from his last one, and that the doctor was quite surprised! I was so so thrilled! I immediately called Lizzie to tell her the great news and to share that we were going to stay the course and forgo the injections again. The homeopathy was working beautifully and the proof was right in front of everyone.

My son is not my only child that Lizzie sees. She is treating all four of my children. She has treated them for everything from colds and rashes to more severe things like allergies, asthma, and celiac’s disease. She even treated my husband when he had shingles.

Homeopathy works!! And Lizzie Martinez, in my humble opinion, is the best practitioner in Central Texas. I highly recommend Lizzie to everyone I know."

- 2016

My experience in working with Lizzie has been nothing short of life changing. I was crippled with severe anxiety and was in fear of losing my job as I could not sleep or concentrate. During our first meeting she met with me outside because I could not sit in her office. Within days of following her instructions and taking the remedies, my health improved. I am in complete recovery and all my anxiety has disappeared. I do not share this lightly when I say that Lizzie saved my life.
— 2016


"Feeling miserable, Lizzie Martinez told me that I was at a fork in the road whereI could either get on board with her to get to the bottom of my physical issues and deal with them or take steroids and pain meds for the rest of my life.

I decided to go her way..

Why? Because she has a very bright and curious mind and with it she seems to look at the world and problem solving from uncommon, many times, more interesting and always creative angles.She serves the people fully present with a deep interest, kindness an amazing ability for observation and critical diagnostic thinking.

7 months later, I am testifying on behalf of Lizzie's "way" from a place of what I would call 70% linear increase in overall miserable symptom relief. In other words, I sleep well, chronic pain has subsided greatly, headaches and 4AM anxiety is gone and best of all I once again feel a joy for life that comes with a general confidence that just plain feeling good brings.

All in all, If the our country had more health care professionals like Lizzie Martinez, the people of the USA would appear strikingly different as more self aware, robust and healthy individuals without financial debt from chasing a downward spiral of symptoms..."

I can not thank Lizzie enough...she gave me back my life! I had been suffering through menopause for the last 6 years, visiting various Doctors and trying different medications however it continued to worsen. Through Lizzie’s in-depth inquiry, she was able to piece together a holistic picture of ME which enabled her to pinpoint my thyroid condition correctly. Lizzie then worked with me to develop a plan that addressed the cause of my issue versus just addressing the symptoms. This has allowed me to heal and thrive! Lizzie took the time to explain, so I understood what was happening in my body, how it impacted other areas in my body and what I needed to do to heal. I am so grateful!
— 2016


"My 7 year old daughter had been having intermittent tics for 2 years which became progressively worse in May 2013. The tics were head shaking several times a minute, coughing, eye blinking, some repeating of words, "bad scary thoughts", and touching things evenly or needing to touch me.

At that time, it seemed like it was really going to interfere with her functioning and socializing. She was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. We were all scared and very upset.

I had not been to a homeopath before. Lizzie did a thorough evaluation and has really good rapport with children as well as subtlety and experience to draw out and understand the essence of the child and the symptoms.

She began prescribing remedies which worked within a few days. Nothing else has had such a quick effect. The symptoms reduced but did not eliminate initially. The relief was huge for my daughter and for us as parents.

I would have been happy just with the reduction but over the course of 6 months, Lizzie worked with us until we took a break in May 2014. At that time, my daughter was experiencing no tics that would be noticeable to anyone but her parents. Tourette's does wax and wane but we saw effects over and over again related to experimenting with the remedies until we found a really effective combination. I don't pretend to understand how homeopathy works, I just know it did for our child.

In August we had a neuropsych level which added the diagnosis of OCD (because of what I noticed) even though they didn't actually see the symptoms in their office. The symptoms were increasing a little before the start of school. I called Lizzie who prescribed a once a week remedy for 4 weeks. At the end of that time, again the tics are not noticeable to anyone but her parents. She started the school year feeling confident and without having to focus all her energy on managing symptoms.

We are currently doing a course of CBT which is useful, but nothing is as dramatically effective as the homeopathy. It's not like a pill where it works immediately, but since such a pill does not exist, homeopathy is an incredible resource and has no side effects and doesn't taste bad.

I ended up seeing Lizzie myself for fatigue in part related to post breast cancer treatment. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial - 8 months later I've lost 20 pounds and am feeling creative and energized (haven't even shared this with her because I haven't had to see her in a while!)"

- 2015

Lizzie has worked with my 9 year old for a couple of years, helping her manage her outbursts. I’ve watched her go from several protracted (10-15 minute) outbursts a day, to a couple of short flare-ups a week at most, which she defuses on her own in a very brief time. Despite her high level of sensitivity, she’s been able to keep calm even when, e.g., a classmate says something intended to upset her. Lizzie also recently treated her for a persistent, hacking cough which was greatly reduced within a day and a half and eliminated completely a few days later. In the past, that type of cough has lasted, pretty much in full force, for a couple of weeks.
— 2016


"I've been taking my daughter to Lizzie since she was 18 months old. As an older infant she was dealing with some reflux which we started treating the conventional way getting unsuccessful results, it was then when I begun looking for someone who could help us approach what She was going through in a more holistic way so we found Lizzie; as she started treating her we started to see big positive changes right away. Now at 4 years of age my daughter has been for a while with no issues at all. She still sees Lizzie on the regular following ups and whenever she gets sick.

Lizzie has been a huge help to us in this and many other ways, my daughter just loves her, she is a very knowledgeable, carrying, sweet and fun person."

- 2016


"I've always been a person that worries a lot but the feelings of anxiety and worry really intensified after giving birth to my first kiddo. I developed Postpartum Anxiety and so I decided to get help by going to therapy but it was not working as much as I wanted it to so I went to see Lizzie and as she begun to treat me I started to feel and to be more relaxed and joyful.

Throughout all this time I've gone to see her all those overwhelming feelings and thoughts have gone away, I've also been able to handle those stressful situations and/ or moments we all face as parents in a much calmer way; with all that said, I know I couldn't be where I'm today with out Lizzie's help. She is a big blessing to my family in many different ways, she is a big support to me, especially being a first time mom and because she develops such a strong connection with her patients along all her knowledge and other things it makes her an extraordinary healer.

- 2016


"When I met Lizzie I was having a variety of concerns - both emotional and physical. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, and honestly, I didn't even know who to go see. I figured that since I couldn't pinpoint what was bothering me that no one would take me seriously. But, Lizzie did! She was patient and thorough, and helped me ask myself new questions about the way I was feeling. My symptoms included having a hard time emotionally regulating myself, and feeling physically "off". Lizzie helped me make some dietary and lifestyle changes as well as trying a few different remedies until we found exactly the right one. The remedies made a clear difference and over a few months I felt balanced again. I have felt more like myself ever since. She also helped me with the more acute issue of a urinary tract infection. We talked over the phone and email and she had remedies that I could stop and pick up even on a weekend! She clearly really cares about her clients and she is persistent in finding the right individual solution. I will definitely go back to her when the need arises."

- 2016

I sought homeopathic treatment for asthma and eczema, both of which I’ve had in varying degrees of severity for most of my life, over 30 years. I’ve been hospitalized for asthma several times, and eight years ago I reluctantly started taking daily corticosteroids to control it.

Since I’ve been in Lizzie’s care I’ve cut back to less than 25% of the daily steroid dose I was originally prescribed, and other medical issues are resolving as well.

My skin has been clear of eczema for many months and the symptoms of PMS I used to get have gone away. I’ve also experienced a shift in temperament – I’m more inclined to make choices that support my health, and I feel more mentally relaxed and physically energetic than I used to. I will continue to work with Lizzie until I am symptom free.
— 2014


“I sought treatment from Lizzie because I was suffering from trauma and fatigue brought on by coping with life threatening medical issues with my child. I wanted to move forward in my life but felt weighed down and fearful where I had once felt energized and optimistic. The remedy helped me break through my fear and work steadily on building back up my life and a successful business.

I was able to sort out what was important to me and seek out help where needed and to reinvest in my life purpose. Lizzie is a remarkably observant person. She also adopts her treatment to the needs of the individual she is serving without getting distracted by obstacles, internal or external. I highly recommend Lizzie! She is unique in her skills as well as her gentle tenacity and rich insight.”

- 2014

We sought Lizzie’s help after our eleven-year-old son began experiencing severe anxiety issues.

Through the course of Lizzie’s amazing care our son’s condition has dramatically improved and is continuing to improve. In addition to treating the anxiety, Lizzie has provided guidance toward balancing our son’s overall health and well-being.

The treatment has been safe, non-invasive, and gentle. We feel lucky to have found Lizzie and wholeheartedly recommend her services.
— 2014


“My son received a concussion when struck by a car as he rode his bike. He developed a set of facial tics within a few weeks of the accident. The onset was noticeable, and the tics began to build one upon the other until many were active in his expressions nearly all the time, even while sleeping. Although we had not used homeopathy before, I felt my son was safer in her care than with the traditional pharmaceutical care a neurologist would have offered. Lizzie reviews the whole person and gathers insights from every facet of her patient's life to develop the appropriate treatment. She was able to administer multiple, complementary remedies to address the tics, and my son now has almost none. It is a relief to see my son's face relaxed and naturally expressive again.”

- 2014